Valleys and Lakes

China: Valleys and Lakes

In a few words..

The Chinese province of Yunnan can be regarded as a country in itself. With an area the size of France it offers more variety than any other province in China. Landscapes vary from subtropical rainforest in the south to snowcapped mountains in the north. In China people also refer to this province as the country of everlasting spring. Due to the average altitude of 2000 m at this latitude (tropic of Cancer), Yunnan offers an almost year-round moderate climate. Yunnan, the location of the formerly independent kingdoms of Nanzhao and Daliguo, has a history of more than 1300 years, still visible in the old city centres of Dali, Lijiang and Shaxi. The mountainous terrain also preserves local traditions among minorities, many of them still wearing their traditional dress and using their own language. This cycling trip offers you a unique introduction to this part of China, offering a selection of Yunnan`s best valleys and lakes scenery.

1. Arrival in Zhongdian (Shangri La). Free time.
2. Visit old town. Cycle around Napa Hai (40 km)
3. Transfer (cycle) to Bita Hai pass (3720 m).
Cycle to Baishuitai (2550 m)(62/100 km)
4. Cycle to the Tigerleaping Gorge (1900 m)(69 km)
5. Cycle to Shigu (1850 m) (70 km)
6. Cycle to Jianchuan (2100 m)(55 km)
7. Cycle to Shibaoshan and Shaxi (52 km)
8. Shaxi (2100 m). Free time. Sightseeing.
9. Cycle to Liantie (2050m) (48 km)
10. Cycle via Cangshanpass to Xiashankou (62 km)
11. Cycle to Dali via Er Hai lake west route (60 km)
12. Dali (2000 m). Free time.
13. Transfer airport. Departure

Extension trip to Lijiang:
13. Ferry across Er Hai lake. Cycle to Jizushan (70 km).
14. Cycle to Jinsha river bridge (80 km)
15. Cycle to Cheng Hai lake (60 km)
16. Cycle over the Dragon Mountains to Lijiang (95 km)
17. Lijiang. Free time.
18. Transfer airport. Departure

Price Yunnan standard tour:
1200 USD p.p. (group, min 6 persons)
Single supplement: 175 USD

Extension to Lijiang:
500 USD p.p. (group, min 2 persons)
Single supplement: 60 USD

Travel dates (group):
October 18-31, 2017

Cycling facts:
Grading: 4-6/10
Total distance standard trip: 527 km
Total distance extension trip: 322 km
Longest day distance: 103 km
Highest point: 3720 m
Lowest point: 1250 m

Below you`ll find the route maps and altitude profyles of the Valleys and Lakes cycletour + extension.