Mountains and Rivers

In a few words..
The Chinese provinces of Yunnan and west Sichuan together form a country in it`s own right. Roughly the size of France it covers a great variety in nature which is truly unique in this part of the world. Climate and landscape vary between snowcapped Himalaya mountains in the north and subtropical forests in the south. In China people also refer to Yunnan as the country of everlasting spring. Due to an average altitude of 2000 m in the subtropical zone, Yunnan has an almost year-round moderate climate. Yunnan, the location of the formerly independent kingdoms of Nanzhao and Dali Guo, has a history of more than 1300 years, still visible in the old city centers of Dali, Lijiang and the ancient villages in the countryside. The mountainous terrain also preserved the local traditions among minorities, many of them still wearing their traditional dress. This cycling trip offers you a unique introduction to this colorful part of Asia.


Itinerary Mountains and Rivers Yunnan
Arrival Lijiang airport. Transfer Baisha old town
Cycle exc. Baisha-Yunfen Si-Yuhu village. 25 km
Cycle to Tiger Leaping Gorge via Jade Dragon Mountain park. 92 km
Tiger Leaping Gorge. Rest. Opt: walk gorge trail.
Cycle to Baishuitai (2550 m). 70 km
Cycle to Shangri-La (3200 m). 101 km
Shangrila. Rest. Opt: Songzanlin Tib. monastery.
Cycle to Tuoding (1850m) via Napa lake. 92 km
Cycle to Tacheng. Free time. 45 km
Cycle to Baijixun (Mekong river). 97 km
Cycle to Cizong (Mekong river). 104 km
Cycle to Deqin/Fei Lai Si. 82 km
Fei Lai Si. Rest. Great views on the Meili Mtn.
Cycle to Benzilan over Baima passes. 108 km
(Extension to Sichuan)
15. Cycle to Derong in Sichuan province. 86 km
16. Cycle to Zhengdou. 75 km. Homestay or camp.
17. Cycle to Xiangcheng (2900 m). 83 km
18. Cycle to Daocheng (3800 m) over the Guluke
Mt pass (4708 m). 110 km
19. Cycle to Riwa (3100 m) over the Bowa Mt pass
(4513 m). 74 km. End of cycling.
20. Excursion to Yading National Park. View the
Boddhisatva trinity Mountains (6000+ m).
21. Transfer to Xinduqiao. Mountains and grassland
22. Transfer to Zhonglu (Danba area) via Tagong.
23. Am: Visit Zhonglu Tibetan village.
Pm: Transfer to Dujiangyan.
24. Transfer to Chengdu airport. End of program.

Tour costs 
2200 USD p.p. (based on a group, min. 6 persons)
Single supplement: 300 USD

Travel dates (group)
16th Sept – 09th Oct  2017

Cycling facts
Grading: 5-7/10
Total distance Yunnan: 750 km
Total distance Sichuan: 410 km
Longest day distance: 110 km
Highest point: 4708 m
Lowest point: 1700 m

Below you`ll find the route map and tour profyle of the Mountains and Rivers tour.